Hart 2 Heart Consulting- Business

H2H Consults businesses who desire improved culture and scalability. Many business owners who felt at their limit, sometimes resenting how much time and energy the business consumed, come to find that with strategy and some new onboarding process their relation to the business greatly improves. With this improvement, vision and creative problem-solving energy return. Employee retention, managing expectations, and defining and delegating roles are a few ways Hart 2 Heart Consulting supports rerouting your energy to maximize business growth and improve your quality of experience with your business. If you are looking to stabilize your business, save it from utter destruction, or simply are ready to take a leap to scale but know there are major adjustments needed feel free to schedule a Zoom call with us below to walk through the ways we can help your business!


Levels of Service:

  • Diagnostic Review– We will perform a review of all your key components for business cohesiveness and growth potential
  • Stop Loss Service– We will define the problems and work with you to implement solutions so that your business recovers. This includes diagnostic review and implementation of solutions.
  • Scale Plan/Exit Strategy– From foundation to marketing to service, we will streamline, strategize, energize, and focus your team to produce repeatable and teachable processes to aid your business in scaling fast! We will concurrently redirect your attention by navigating you exiting the positions as a day-to-day operator and into pure visionary oversight, the position in which you are most valuable to the business.
  • Maintenance Consulting– H2H offers a monthly maintenance plan which focuses on one of these main areas:
  1. Team Morale– This can take on the form of weekly or bi-weekly staff meetings. A hybrid of C-suite only and alternating All Staff meetings that follow a form for morale and culture building.                                                                     
  2. Adherence to procedure A review of established practice and alignment to the business.                   
  3. Incentivizing strategy for new positions- adjusting of bonus structures, commissions, upward mobility framework. Any document creation or workflow charting will be a separate charge and should be discussed beforehand. 

***Maintenance work is limited to 5 hours a month- to be used as the business has need. This contract is month to month giving you the opportunity to be flexible when and how you need it.