Admitting we need help is hard for most of us.

Admitting we need help to help someone we love can be more difficult. Despite your thoughts, at Hart 2 Heart, we want you to know that your gut is right. Now is the time to get that help. None of us can do it on our own!

What if you could regain your compassion without feeling taken advantage or made a fool of?

What if you could find understanding and joy again?

What if you could see the change you’ve been praying/wishing/hoping for in your family?

What if you could...?

This statement of hope is all that is needed to allow change. We will take you through a process of identifying and healing the dynamics that have generated hurting, unhealthy, and even destructive patterns. You have hoped alone only to be met with disappointment and confusion. We are asking you to hope with us again!

We believe you can, and you will!

With our ARISE Invitational Intervention we focus on the power of a rightly connected family engaged in their wellness can overcome the most difficult challenges and even heal itself. Allow Hart 2 Heart to be a part of you and your loved one’s journey to wellness!

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With Active Consulting, Hart to Heart will hear you out, help you decide safety plan and right level of care, how to go about finding the right detox/treatment, and what boundaries to hold.

Active Consulting AND ongoing weekly dynamic and transparent family meetings that address generational challenges, removes shame and guilt, uncovers and engages the family strength and resilience (6-month commitment)

Ongoing support in which the focus is maintaining boundaries and realistic expectations. Recognizing the temptation to revert to old patterns and recovering (3-month commitment)